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FLEXYPRO® Performance Sports Towel - Black/Pink

FLEXYPRO® Performance Sports Towel - Black/Pink

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Work out smarter with the FLEXYPRO® gym towel, designed with a signature hood that grips to all gym benches and machines.
Whether it's breaking personal records or breaking a sweat, getting into the zone during your workouts begins with a strong start. The FLEXYPRO gym towel is specifically designed to provide the stability and durability you need to start and finish your workout strong. Sharpen your focus, crush your fitness goals and push your limits to new heights. ​

From incline benches to leg extensions, the FLEXYPRO gym towel easily fits machines and benches of all sizes to optimise your training space. The resilient stitching, clip button hanger strap and gripped sleeve provide easy reach and hygienic non-slip placement. ​

The FLEXYPRO gym towel is made of premium super-absorbent microfiber that keeps you cool and dry while you get your sweat on. For those who lead an on-the-go lifestyle, the FLEXYPRO gym towel includes a convenient large zip pocket and drawstring bag for compact and convenient storage and transport. Whether you’re at the pool or on the field, the FLEXYPRO gym towel is the ultimate sports companion.


  • Designed with our anti-slip hoods that fit all gym benches and machines
  • Guaranteed maximum performance and durability with heavy use
  • Large zipper pocket to store valuables and keep you comfortable during exercise
  • String hanger with snap button to clip to any equipment and keep your towel clean and within easy reach
  • Premium ultra-absorbent microfibre material that quickly soaks up sweat and dries fast
  • 150x70cm (59”x27.5”) to fit all gym equipment, from the smallest through to the largest

Washing instruction:

  • Wash before first use to improve absorbency
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry at a low temperature
  • Do not iron
  • Wash separately
  • Warm wash up to 40°

What’s included:

1 Premium FLEXYPRO® Performance Sports Towel
1 Drawstring bag

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