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FLEXYPRO® Alpha Workout and Recovery Bundle

FLEXYPRO® Alpha Workout and Recovery Bundle

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This ultimate workout and recovery bundle includes our professional-grade massager FLEXYPRO Alpha, extra attachments for sensitive areas, cryotherapy and thermotherapy, and our unique sports towel from the FLEXYPRO Performance collection.

FLEXYPRO Alpha provides the most powerful solution to alleviate muscle pain and increase your blood circulation, with the added benefits of a rotating arm that ensure you reach every muscle of your body without strains on your arm and wrist.

FLEXYPRO Attachments Bundle lets you customise your deep tissue muscle treatment and experience the full benefits of four percussive devices. This set of extra attachments includes:
1 FLEXYPRO® Heat attachment for thermotherapy.
1 FLEXYPRO® Cold attachment for cryotherapy.
1 FLEXYPRO® Soft attachment for sensitive areas.

FLEXYPRO Performance Sports Towel provides the stability and support you need to start and finish your workout strong, sharpen your focus, crush your fitness goals and push your limits to new heights.

Made from super-absorbent microfiber for fast-drying action.
Fits 99% of gym equipment.
Includes large zip pocket and drawstring bag for safe storage.
Designed with our anti-slip hoods that fit all gym benches and machines.


What's included

  • FLEXYPRO Alpha
  • FLEXYPRO Performance Sports Towel
  • FLEXYPRO extra attachments (Heat, Cold, Soft)
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