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FLEXYPRO® Alpha + mini Bundle

FLEXYPRO® Alpha + mini Bundle

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This ultimate percussive massagers recovery bundle includes our professional-grade massager FLEXYPRO Alpha, the ultra-portable FLEXYPRO mini, and our extra attachments that let you experience the full benefits of a deep tissue percussive massage everywhere, anytime.

The FLEXYPRO Alpha provides the most powerful solution to alleviate muscle pain and increase your blood circulation, with the added benefits of a rotating arm that ensure you reach every muscle of your body without strains on your arm and wrist.

The FLEXYPRO mini will provide the best professional-grade and portable massage solution, and although smaller than the Alpha, it delivers 60 lbs of force and between 1600-2800 rpm, giving your FLEXYPRO quality deep tissue therapeutic vibrations that provide soothing benefits, muscle recovery and relaxation for everybody.

Get this bundle and save on the ultimate FLEXYPRO pair.

 What's included

  • FLEXYPRO Alpha
  • FLEXYPRO mini
  • FLEXYPRO extra attachments (Heat, Cold, Soft)
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